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Monday, June 27, 2011

Around the House

I decided to tackle the trimming of the five hundred and thirty two shrubs around my house on Friday.  When it was a humid 90 degrees outside.  Why do I do these things?    

Okay, so it's probably really more like 32 instead of five hundred and 32 but still, that is an awful lot of dang bushes, wouldn't you agree?  And most of them have stickers on them.  Or angry wasps and yellow jackets living in them which is why I didn't completely finish the ones in the front.  

Overgrown scraggly shrubs? or Several painful stings to the flesh?  I'll go with door number one, thank you very much.  

And I still haven't cleaned up all the mess I clipped off because I was slap tuckered out so I mosied out there in the boiling heat and humidity on Saturday, loaded up my little yard wagon, broke into a full on sticky sweat, put down my gloves and came back inside with my laptop and sweet tea.  

The verdict is still out as to whether I will attempt to venture out there today.  Or ever again.  But I have been known to surprise myself on occasion so we shall see.  

My current obsession is my master bedroom that I finally painted a week ago.  I'm working my way through painting every room in this house and so far all that's left are the boys' rooms, the bonus room/bedroom upstairs and my master bath which is waiting for a complete remodel because the people who built the house didn't feel a tub was necessary in there.  

They didn't have two male offspring running amok either.  

I tried to show y'all a pic of my new bedroom wall color, Aqua Smoke, on the one little post I managed to muster up all of last week but Blogger was being a pain in the sticker bush and would not, in any way, shape, form, or fashion, allow me to do so.  So here it is...

I am in no way done in there so I can't show you the whole room just yet but I scored the most adorable little peacock lamp at Stein Mart one day last week and was just tickled pink aqua smoke over it! 

Never saw myself with a peacock lamp but this little number just kept calling to me from across the store,  "Me! Me!  Pick Me!"  

Or maybe it was the heat going to my head.  

Either way, I am now the proud owner of this glorious peacock lamp...

 Happy Monday, Y'all!  


  1. I love that shade hard...
    Oh, I leave all the yard work to my man. I can't be bothered with it. Kidding, I tend to the flower gardens but I don't trust myself with hedge clippers.

  2. I have a HUGE holly bush in my front yard that desperately needs trimming, but I will not do it in this heat! I abhor hot weather. I love the sun, I love the pool, the lake and all things fun like that...but the actual heat itself...can "kiss my grits!"

    I do adore the wall color you picked and your bedding and well, the lamp is a bit odd for my tastes, but I think it will work well! :-)

  3. Beautiful I'm curious: Did you have to get the Mr.'s approval before painting? I redid our bedroom a few summers ago and it was a "pain in the sticker bush" to choose a color that the Mr. would approve of.

  4. The color you used looks similar to one of the colors in my master bedroom.

    I like the lamp, it's cool. So cute you narrated for it.

  5. Oh! I love that color. It looks great. We are rolling up our sleeves and getting ready to paint that kids' rooms next month. I should say Hubs is. He is the one who does all the work. I just clean it up and pick out pictures to go on the wall.

  6. First, I can totally relate to the trimming shrubs thing. And the humidity. As I type this, I have a pile of clippings waiting to be disposed of. And I'm trying to hurry through blogging to do that before it reaches 90 today.

    Second, I LOVE the color of your bedroom. It's gorgeous! And the lamp is beautiful!

    Stay cool!

  7. That color is beautiful! I love blue -- my bedroom is a deep blue and I think it's just so restful. As for the bushes . . .uhm, isn't that one of the reasons we married manly men? To take care of the nasty sticky outside yard stuff?

  8. "Slap Tuckered" LOVE IT!

    Great color, too. I keep thinking I'm going to paint this summer... so far... not so much!

    I curse the friend I brought with me to look at houses every time I mow the lawn... I only have .25 acres, but its a big .25 in 90* heat!