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Monday, July 5, 2010

How I spent my weekend

There was baseball...

followed by the eating of watermelon, the picking of blueberries and the making of a very yummy blueberry cobbler...

There was the making of ice cream and sangria, which I am happy to report had a very authentic taste of that which we had in Spain last summer...

There was the grilling of pizza and while the adventure had while doing it in Spain was lacking, it was still grilled pizza and brought back a wonderful memory...

And, most importantly, there were the same great friends we shared it with in Spain...Somehow, I did not get a pic of Paul but he was here too.  My bad, Paul!   

Cal Cetin,who accompanied us on our trip to Spain, even made an appearance..that guy is such a lush!

Yesterday there was the discovery by the boys of a giant blackberry patch in the backyard, just on the other side of the fence at the edge of the woods.  How I missed this up until now is a mystery but it's there and we picked blackberries.  Not very big ones, due to the lack of rain around here but blackberries in our very own backyard, nonetheless!

And no 4th of July would be complete without a good fireworks display which, I am happy to report, we found and witnessed.

Hope you all had a great holiday as well! 


  1. Sounds like you had fun! I am wondering how that monkey like the drink?

  2. sounds like you had a GREAt holiday weekend!!! :) hope you have a great fun filled week!!

  3. blackberries in your own backyard??


  4. I love all those old-timey pictures you have on your blog!

    BTW, I do believe I have that exact sangria pitcher-dispenser thingy...BB&B, right? Anyway it looks yums!

  5. We have blackberries in our backyard too. They are so yummy fresh... but well all fruits and veggies are yummy when fresh.

    Your sangria looks YUMMY!!! Your making me want to make some now!