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Monday, May 17, 2010

An Old Nemesis, An Old Friend, and An Unwelcome Visitor

Where did Spring go?

It has been hotter than blue blazes around here so I'm kinda thankful for the rain that rolled in yesterday afternoon, accompanied by the thunder and lightning that knocked out our power for a couple of hours.  It was an excuse to do absolutley nothing but I was already doing a pretty good job of that anyway.

Saturday wore me out when it was really supposed to be a relaxing girls' day out with my bff, Michelle.  I am blaming it on the heat and the fact that Dev had a make up baseball game at 10 Saturday morning and then the Dracenator had practice right after that so I had to sit out in the smoldering blazes of blue heat and get all sweaty before hitting the road for my girlie girl fix.

I could literally feel my hair frizzing as I sat there cooking.  I was not prepared to deal with my old nemesis, HUMIDITY, to this degree this early in the season.

But he showed up swinging anyway. 

We still had a good day, in spite of him.  We started out with lunch at Red Rocks where I had a southern chicken salad because I just have a thing against eating anything hot when there is dried sweat all over my body.   

Next we had our feets done.  I chose Big Apple Red as my color and Michelle chose a different red with some big fancy name I can't remember.

And then we hit the shops.

Apparently, I now have a thing for roosters.  I had bought a framed rooster pic for my kitchen last week at one of the antiques malls and then I fell in love with this metal rooster wall hanging at Pier 1 Saturday so I am now the proud owner of him, along with the rooster bowls I also found there on the clearance shelf.   

I also found these pears at Pier 1 for my old wooden bread bowl that belonged to my great-grandmother.  I love this bowl but I haven't decided if I love the pears in it yet or not.  What do you think? 

It was a great day with a great friend who I don't see nearly enough.  I should have snapped a pic of us with my crackberry but I didn't so here is one of the two of us last November at our high school reunion.

And here we are about 13 years ago...

And here we are back in the day, stylin' and profilin', with our high school colorguard buddies on a trip to Carolina Beach.

Christine, Me, Christy, Michelle, Jeannie

Ahh, the memories...

Oh, I almost forgot to tell y'all what else happened over the weekend and will most likely me a memory I am not soon to forget.

I woke up yesterday morning and let Big Boy out in the backyard.  It had been about 5 minutes or so when I heard him going crazy barking at something.  I finally headed out to see what it was and said to myself, "I hope it's not a snake".  

Sure enough.  

It was a snake.

A BIG ONE. About 6 feet long.

He was coiled up on a pile of stones and had his head up ready to strike at the crazy little wiener dog who was all up in his business and barking like a suicidal maniac. 

I was relieved to see it was a black king snake so I didn't have to worry about venom, but still, I didn't want my little man to get bitten in the face by that thing.

Charlie came out to save the day.  Nobody was bitten and the snake was placed on the other side of the fence where he slithered away into the woods, where I hope he stays. 


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  1. Here's a blast from the past...
    J-had a ballet recital this past weekend. The theme was around town. One of the acts was a reference to "Hot Wheels". They had a funky song and bright costumes. I thought about you and your old pal, Jennifer.

    Recently my kids have been to skating parties, there. It's still open:)