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Thursday, May 13, 2010

More birds, another treasure and a childhood memory

What the heck is with the birds?  They are still trying to take my sanity.   

And I like birds too.

The Darlings rode with me to take the boys to school this morning and when we got back, I let them out into the backyard.  I look out to hear birds chirping and see Big Boy jumping around the yard and biting at baby birds while the mother bird is totally freaked and squawking and swooping down at him.   

I tear out there in the wet grass with my bare feet, screaming and trying to grab the one little bird that doesn't quite seem to have the flying thing down to a tee just yet while simultaneously trying to rope in my ferocious wild beast. 

All the while this mama bird, a small house wren (ones from the earlier catastrophe were Northern Mockingbirds, at least the best I could tell) is manic and trying to get me.  

And Li'l Bit and Leroy Brown are joining in the fun as well though they seem to have no clue what is taking place and Leroy is seriously starting to freak me out with his old man hacking.  

I finally managed to rope in Big Boy Darling and bring them all in the house.  No one, including the baby birds, seemed to be injured.  I think he really just wanted to play with them.  As I've said before, that boy is a lover, not a fighter. 

He, however, has not softened much towards Leroy Brown.  There was another scuffle Tuesday night and yesterday after eating, he walks over to LB's empty bowl, sniffs at it, pushes it across the floor with his nose and then hikes and pees on my kitchen trash can.


Bad wiener dog. 

He was so happy to see him when we first brought him home and they appeared to be fast friends.  Charlie says he thinks he wanted a playmate, not a roommate.  I say it's because LB's not a Dachshund and Mr. Darling knows it.  

We are trying to find Leroy a good home but he will be with us until we do which I realize may indeed be for the rest of his life.  

On another subject, Charlie and I hit the antique shops yesterday afternoon.  I found a few treasures but my favorite is this wonderful old hoosier cabinet for the kitchen.

I just love it.  I must get started on stripping that wallpaper/painting project in there very soon.  I've never taken down wallpaper before though I've watched it done on HGTV, TLC and DIY enough to have a pretty good idea about it. 

I do realize, however, that the "do it yourself" projects on those shows is nothing like the actual reality of an amateur like myself doing it.  Really doing it.  Without the beautiful former model host/designers at your side. 

Those shows crack me up with all their beautiful contractors with their cutesy jokes and over the top personalities cause you and I both know they are not the norm. You never see some guy who actually looks like he gets his hands dirty on a daily basis or any plumber's crack. 

Actually, I guess we should all be thankful for that part. 

I will never forget my first experience with plumber's crack.  It was at my childhood bff, Jennifer's, house and he was there to pump out their septic tank.  I don't remember exactly how old we were but we were still young enough to find it ever so amusing.  I recall a lot of whispering and hand over the mouth giggling...he he he. 

Fun times.

Well, as much as I'd like to sit and conjure up more memories of my childhood lameness, I must get busy cause we all know a woman's work is never done and laundry don't do itself.  

Happy Thursday!


  1. Lol.. I do remember that! It seems they actually had to dig up our septic tank too and we had quite the fun times playing in that huge red mud hole!
    I love that cabinet by the way - gorgeous!
    I do NOT envy your task of taking down wallpaper though! I swore I would never do that again after helping my parents renovate the house on Booze Mountain! ;)

  2. I love your new piece of furniture.