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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures in decorating

Day 1 of wallpaper removal:   Mixed my solution of water and fabric softener, protected the floor with towels, sprayed solution on wall and began scraping.  Huh...well, this could be worse.  I mean, it's not exactly sliding off the wall but I can knock this out in a day or two. 

Day 2:  Decided not to fight the paper.

Day 3: Took one look at steamer we borrowed and decided I'd start scraping some more first.  After about 20 or 30 minutes of that, took another look at the directions on the steamer.  Filled with water and waited for it to heat up.  Water is dripping out of the part where steam is supposed to be coming from. Unplugged steamer.  Went back to wetting and scraping and wiping and wetting and scraping and wiping and cleaning off the floor and the chairs and the dogs and my clothes and feet.  Thoughts in my head while I'm standing up on bar stool that won't quit spinning me around every time I scrape...

Who would put this much wallpaper in their house?
I vow to never, ever, hang any wallpaper because even if I plan to live here forever and never take it down,someone will be cursing me long after I'm dead and gone while they are fighting it off the walls.  Paper REALLY does NOT belong on the walls.  Who invented this stuff, anyway?  This stuff is getting sticky!  Yuck!   Look at this mess I'm making.  Is that wallpaper on Brisco Darling's back?  Good grief, how did it get way over there?  Great!  Another little chunk out of the wall.  It's going to take me forever to spackle and sand this down before I can paint. I wonder how much someone would charge to do this? A lot, I'm sure.  You coudn't pay me to do it!  Maybe I should look into it.  Nah, I can do it.  I'll just finish this one wall today.  A little at a time.  I can do this. Ugghh!! What time is it, anyway?  I really need to go to the grocery store.  I think I'll take a break and eat something.  I HATE WALLPAPER!!! 

And that is why I am taking my 10th break for the day.  If I was getting paid for this, I'd be fired by now.  

In other homemaking news...the Dracenator has a few opinions on the matter.  I did his room in a multi-sport theme and while I was out bargain hunting and slamming buggy poles into doors yesterday, I found him a cute little soccer ball wall hanging and a shelf and showed him where I thought they would look good in his room.  He, however, had other ideas as to where they should go and proceeded to cock his head to the side, pick up the items and hold them to the wall where he wanted them saying, "I was thinking about right here.  Don't you think this looks better, mom?"

And who could argue with that?  Certainly not me. 

This is the conversation we had last night as I was tucking him into bed:

the Dracenator:  I was thinking a painting, like, would look good on the wall.  You know, like a big drawing.

me: You mean like a mural? 

the Dracenator:  Like a big painting.

me:  Of what?

the Dracenator:  I was thinking like a cowboy with a rope or somethin'.

me:  Well, that won't really go with your sports theme in here.

the Dracenator:  No, I mean on the living room wall.

And that is why I don't recommend taking decorating advice from a 6 year old.

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  1. Make sure you get every speck of the paste off the walls before your paint or the paint will peel. Wash and sand the walls. I feel your pain. I had to remove wallpaper from several rooms in my cottage. I have plaster walls.