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Thursday, September 25, 2014


Currently I'm...

Trying to decide on a topic to write about for 31 days in October. Myquillyn Smith at The Nesting Place has been doing this challenge for the past few years and although I was really tempted last year, ended up backing out. But this year I thought it may just give me the boost/inspiration I need to get back into blogging.

Reading Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul by John and Stasi Eldredge .

Enjoying the cooler weather. I just wish the sun would come out.

Going to the gym more. I'm sore in places I forgot I had.

Looking forward to a three day weekend since tomorrow is a teacher workday.

Feeling stuffed up and fatigued. Allergies or cold? Maybe both.

Loving the pair of Chuck Taylor Converse I bought a few weeks ago. Devin told me I should wear them all the time because "you look really good in them".  I was nearly stunned speechless because that boy simply does not dish out compliments. 

Missing my boys being little. Dracen had his first two games of the fall baseball season this week and both nights there was a tee ball game taking place on the field behind us. We turned to look several times because the crowd was cheering and clapping. They looked so tiny out there running the bases and everyone is just having fun without the pressure of competition. Sigh...I get nostalgic.

Marveling at the young men they are becoming.  I now have Devin carry/open things for me on a weekly basis and Dracen has developed a fondness for several kindergarteners since (as a 6th grader and BMOC) he has been helping out with them in the afternoons at car-riders. He calls them his "homies".

Enjoying the return of fall t.v. shows...The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, The Blacklist...and Parenthood and Scandal tonight! 

Drinking Pumpkin Spice flavored K-cups I found at Target yesterday. 

Laughing at the funny stuff I've been pinning to my Now That's Funny board...

If Jesus tried to feed the 5000 today.

Believing in everyday magic...still. Four years ago (Sept 21st), on the one year anniversary of my Dixie Dog's death, I wrote this post about the coins I kept finding all over the house that day, each dated 1995 (the year she was born, came into my life). One, a dime, was actually stuck to my arm when I woke up that morning. Well, this year, on Monday (the day after the five year anniversary) I went back to the bedroom to get ready to take the boys to school and there in my place in the bed was a dime. My heart began to beat fast as I picked it up and slowly turned it over to check the date. Yep...1995. I smiled all day.  The magic/signs from heaven/messages from God are always there. We just have to remember to pay attention.

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  2. I love the dime story!!!

    I am all over the map myself... Oldest just planned his own birthday party... 14... when the heck did that happen? We're taking 5 of his friends to the BC basketball game and to dinner in town. No party, no cake, just sweaty basketball games with UNH, and pizza. *sigh* These are the RARE moments that I miss them being little too.