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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Evolution of a Clown

Coulrophobia: the fear of clowns

To the best of my knowledge I've never been a coulrophobiac. And neither has Dracen. He seems to possess some sort of fascination with clowns since he has chosen to be one for Halloween three times since 2007...

Cute and Silly Clown
He was not quite so camera shy back then.

Scary Psycho Clown

Homie the Mullet Clown
He got to dress up for school on Halloween.
We didn't put this together until a couple of days before when he suddenly announced that he was going to be a clown again. As cute as that 2007 clown was, I have to say Homie here is my personal favorite. I laughed so hard. 
He was being more of a curmudgeon than usual when he first tried it on Wednesday night which Charlie said reminded him of Homie the Clown from In Living Color. I sort of halfway remembered that so I Googled him to find that it was actually "Homey D. Clown". (which I found even funnier)


Homey D. 

Happy Clowning,

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  1. That costume is pretty cool. Good job mom.
    Used to attend Church with a professional Clown. Always wore his IWQ button.

  2. Too funny! A clown mullet wig? What will they think of next????

  3. We tell our kids, "homey dont play that !"