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Monday, May 13, 2013

Lost and Found

Somehow we always manage to make it to school on time but Dracen was late this morning because I found it extremely difficult to remain calm. Big fail there this time, although I didn't completely lose my mind. We never did find his tennis shoes. He ended up wearing his Vans that I found in my closet because he was in there after church yesterday (when he was supposed to be changing and getting ready to go visit his momaws) wrapping my scarves around his neck and clomping around in my high heels. 

He and Devin had gone to hit some baseballs with Popaw Bob yesterday evening, after we got in from visiting my mom, and came in about 10 minutes before his bedtime, limping because Devin had hit a hard line drive right smack into the back of his calf muscle. So in that 10 minutes before he went to bed, he somehow managed to lose his shoes since he had been wearing them last night. 

I came home after dropping them off this morning, searched the house from top to bottom again and then called to make sure he had not left them in Popaw's truck although he assured me he had not and that someone must have surely stolen them from wherever he left them in the house. Grrr. They were indeed not in the truck so I hung up the phone in the kitchen and immediately spotted them peeking out from under the kitchen island, behind a Diet Dr. Pepper carton. Y'all. These shoes are BRIGHT RED. 

I have never been more ready for school to be out. 

In other news, we had to put Max the (female) guinea pig down Friday afternoon. The boys had gotten them for their birthdays the year they turned 10 and 6, so almost four years ago. (I wrote about the loss of Junebug in February of last year) Max had lost a good bit of her hair over the past several months but always seemed to feel fine until very recently. Turns out she had a pretty good-sized mass inside and there was nothing the vet could do for her so we made the choice to put her to rest. I think I took it harder than either of the boys though we were all feeling a little blue.

The Wiener Roast on Saturday was the perfect thing to lift our spirits. I will save the details of that for Wiener Wednesday although I was unable to document it with photos like I'd hoped, seeing as how I went off and left the SD card in my computer.(that was a fun discovery) The few shots I was able to get with my iPhone will have to do. Charlie did manage to get a video of the races which we entered both the Darlings in this time. I will tell you how they each did on Wednesday...

Unless I lose my mind before then.

And since I remembered to put the card back in the camera yesterday, I was able to capture this (which may now just possibly be one of my all-time favorite photos in the history of ever) of Dracen and Lola, the tamest little chicken this side of the Mississippi. 

More on the chickens later.

They don't live at our house. 

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  1. A line drive to the calf? Ouch!!!
    Kids and their shoes. I have a closet full of one shoe missing the other.
    I'm sorry about the family pet. That had to have been so hard to do. They become a part of the family don't they.

  2. Oh my goodness with the friendly little chicken, and I'm so looking forward to hearing about the weiner races. LOL!

  3. One of my boys loves to claim that someone stole (insert any number of things here). Seriously? Someone walked into our house while we were all sitting around the TV and stole it from under our noses?! Bwhahahahahaha. You'll have to update us on his reaction to them being in the middle of the kitchen floor.

    Happy Belated Mother's Day to you. I hope it was a great one!

  4. For us it is Margaret's school uniform belt. That thing has some crazy hiding places!

  5. I had the same problem with my phone cord this morning... and my sunglasses yesterday... any my.... you get the picture.

    I used to have chickens... I miss those little critters.

  6. I'm not a fan of chickens. In fact Youngest thinks I am THE WORST MOM EVER!!!! because I won't let him adopt a chick that they are hatching in school.

    But that my friend is one AWESOME picture. :)

    We still have 6 weeks of school left...

  7. I am really sorry for your guinea pig loss, its always so hard to lose a pet!!


  8. Love that chicken photo.

    I'm sorry about Max!