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Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites

I don't know what is up with the weather here lately but what the heck happened to spring? It showed up late and then hopped right back on the train, leaving us with way-too-cool temps and a cartload of clouds and rain. My flip flops are starting to lose their patience. 

Maybe Mother Nature is getting senile in her old age because she has clearly forgotten that this is the south. Bless her heart. I guess she'll figure it out eventually. Until then, my flip flops will just have to hold their horses. 

I hope y'all have had a good week. Mine has been pretty uneventful, aside from the two birds that took a notion to fly into my house Wednesday morning. 

The dogs have a very bad habit of pushing back in the house through the two sets of glass doors that lead into the sunroom and kitchen but I haven't been able to teach them to close them back behind them. Li'l Bit came to get me just as I stepped out of the shower Wednesday as if she was trying to tell me something.

So I followed her into the kitchen to see if she wanted out. She obviously didn't since the door was ajar. I closed the door only to turn and see a bird fly into it. A bird that was on my side of the door. I will never know why I'm always in a towel or in the process of getting dressed when things like this happen but 

I opened the door and got it to fly out pretty quickly and was on my way back to the bathroom when I heard one flying into the windows in the sunroom. Luckily, Brisco Darling was outside or that bird would have been toast.

Li'l Bit thought about it but backed off when I used my mean voice, and Lucky seemed completely oblivious to the whole ordeal. This one was a little trickier but I  managed to get it to fly out eventually, without losing my towel. Or my mind.  I can't say for sure it doesn't have slight brain damage from the number of times it flew into the window but it did seem to be flying straight when it left.

And I apologize but that's the best I've got for excitement this week. Woot! Now here (if I haven't bored you to sleep) are my favorites for today...
Big Dog, Little Car
This made me giggle.

Squirrel Chair
I'm seriously considering doing this
on one of our backyard trees because
what with Brisco Darling of the Squirrel Patrol,
it would no doubt provide endless hours
of free entertainment. 

Chick Flick?
This greatly amused me because
as many times as I've seen this movie
over the years, never once did I consider
this perspective.

I love every single thing about this.

Home is where the heart is
This etsy seller customizes these
fun state prints. Very cool. 

Food for Thought

Garden Door
I want to go in, don't you?

I'd never get out of bed.

If summer ever comes this year...

Though I didn't think of it at the time, Devin went to
see this movie with his 8th grade class on an 
after school field trip
 on my 42nd birthday. Not that that has
a hill of beans to do with anything.
I just thought it was a cool coincidence after it
it hit me last weekend when we took
Dracen to see it.  
I did not know much about Jackie Robinson, other than
the fact that he was a great baseball player,
until Devin told us a little about him after the movie,
making me want to see it.
Very impressive man, he was. 
I highly recommend...

Any big plans for the weekend? I've got Silver Linings Playbook from Netflix since I never saw it in the theater and can't wait to watch it!

Happy Friday,

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  1. It's about 56 degrees here now and it's grey and rainy. I've had ENOUGH of this madness! I want my warm weather back STAT! Hope you enjoy your movie...that's on my must-see list! I saw "Oblivion" last weekend...much better than I thought!

  2. 3 girls going to prom! And, it's been raining buckets. Little brothers wondering why in the world did they get a spray tan?

  3. That squirrel chair makes me laugh! You seriously have the best taste in clothes, by the way. I always love the things you share (can't afford any of them) but love them nonetheless. ;)

    I think I would have died with two birds on the loose in the house. You handled it!

  4. We are recessing cobble stones into the edging of the flowerbeds. OH... and I have a training walk to do for my 3-day. Tomorrow is 11 miles.

    I know. You're jealous. It's okay.

    Because if you get the squirrel chair, I'll then be jealous of you. :)

  5. Oh, I LOVE the squirrel chair! And the state thingy...too cool.
    Let me know how you like Silver Linings...I read the book but haven't seen the movie yet and HELLO BRADLEY COOPER?? Clearly I NEED to see it.

  6. It's FREEZING! I turned the heat on last night... in MAY!

    That is all!

  7. That ALWAYS happens when you're semi nude. It's a rule of physics.