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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Tree Trouble

Last year I declared it our pre-lit Christmas tree's last year. We had a pretty decent run but have had to string extra lights to compensate for all the ones burned out for the past two years and it had also somehow developed a gaping hole on one side. Plus, I wanted a taller tree since we bought that tree before we moved and the ceilings are higher in this house. Well. Who knew how large a task I was taking on when I made that little declaration because where-have-all-the-good-trees-gone? 

There are countless beautiful life-like trees to be found online but my thought was that I'd end up with a problem tree and then have to deal with sending it back which would no doubt turn into an ordeal that would quickly cause my inner Grinch to surface. Not to mention the bordering-on-insanity costs of some of those trees. So Sunday afternoon we headed out to Home Depot because I saw online that they had some 9ft trees in stock and I must have made about five hundred thousand circles around those trees trying to pick one I deemed worthy before deciding I wanted to go look somewhere else.

Charlie and Devin were thrilled. Dracen had the good sense and forethought to stay at his momaw and popaw's house (which was a good thing because his commentary would have no doubt sent me over the edge I was already starting to teeter on). After hitting Lowes, Wal-mart and Michaels, we made our way back to Home Depot, whose trees were now beginning to look a whole lot better. I had the brief thought of going back to a real tree before coming to my senses and remembering the sinus infections I got for four years straight at Christmastime before being hit with the hey-maybe-this-has-something-to-do-with-the-live-tree-in-my-house realization. 

We (okay I) finally decided on one that was not on display but for reasons beyond my own comprehension, seemed like the best bet. It probably had something to do with the fact that Martha Stewart's name was on it because you can say what you want about her, but the woman does have some good taste. So we got it home, cleared out a place for it in the corner (a new spot this year) and was amazed at how easily it went up. But as I began the fluffing process, I noticed that about four entire branches were not lit and could find nary a cord disconnected. 

Charlie was busy but said he'd look at it shortly so I spent the next  hour and a half getting scratched up by those prickly needles as I fluffed and fluffed and fluffed. Then we spent another hour and a half checking every single cord, bulb and fuse on that tree only to walk away in defeat. As Charlie began disassembling it, I took to my keyboard in order to let out my frustrations via a bad review on Home Depot's website before ordering one from Balsam Hill that I'm hoping arrives very soon and in good working order because I'm experiencing a bad case of Christmas Tree Envy. 

Oh at the silly things we get worked up over. 

Speaking of silly (or maybe not-so-silly) things, remember the throwing knives Dracen has been putting on his Christmas list for the past two or three years? Well, they are back on there this year and will probably be there again next year too because not-in-my-lifetime, buddy. Not in my lifetime.

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  1. Our first artificialtree was NOT pre lit and you had to hang every individual branch and then hang lights. It was a gorgeous tree for being what the kids called a fake. However last year it had started looking a bit ratty so we bought a Hobby Lobby beauty. The daughter worked there so we got a nice discount. But half the tree didnt light up and we took it back and to our dismay it was the last one. After recovering from sticker shock at The Peppermint Forest we ended up buying one of Marthas LED trees from Home Depot. Funny, they dont tend to look quite as nice at home as they do in the store. The blue LED bulbs seem to over power all the other colors. But it looks OK. At least I aint getting dizzy walking around the tree stringing light. How lazy have we gotten.

    My daughter asked for a compound bow.

    1. So did my son... and I caved. he's getting his bow, arrows, and a large target so he won't pick the live target of his brother.

      I spent 3 hrs doing our tree BY MYSELF on Saturday (if your so inclined, check the post before my current one) Next year... there may not even be a tree.

  2. This was a great read! It made me laugh and think about our Christmas tree problems we have had over the years. We will be putting ours up on Saturday so we'll see what happens this year!
    Many Blessings to Your Family!

  3. It took me two years to decide on a new tree. Lucky for us we have a Christmas store nearby but I spent $400 on it. It better last me ten years.