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Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Favorites...Lazy Summer

It has been another lazy week of summer over here. I'm thinking I may need to stage an X-Box intervention with a certain teenager soon because I'm fairly certain he now qualifies as a full-fledged addict. Dracen went shopping with me yesterday and I was sort of thinking out loud as I wondered how anyone could spend that much time at something so unproductive and he (with all his nine and a half year old wisdom) said, "Ah, he's just going through a phase." 

He's nine going on sixty-five. Sometimes. Other times, he's nine going on three.  We had bought a twelve pack of Cokes when we were out yesterday, along with a new decorative metal bird stake for the yard which he absentmindedly stabbed into the box of Cokes, poking holes in two of them and spewing sticky all over the kitchen floor. I was livid. When I questioned him about why he did it, he had no good answer other than he just didn't think that would happen. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

So that's a pretty good example of what our summer has been like over here so far. Unless you count the yard work. Last Saturday we had a ginormous dump truck of mulch delivered and spent the entire day spreading it, after I trimmed the excessive amount of  sticker bushes that came with this house. I have scabs on both thumbs from the rake rubbing the skin off.  That was fun. And we still need another load or two for the rest of the yard since I'm still looking at that red mulch from last year in my shade garden. I guess, as Dracen would say, I was "just going through a phase" because I am so completely over that red mulch. 

And speaking of the shade garden, Charlie and I decided to buy a teak bench as a five year wedding anniversary gift to ourselves. Our anniversary is the 28th of this month and we've always tried to stick with the traditional gifts. The five year gift is wood. I've never owned anything teak but I hear it is supposed to last a lifetime. I'm really liking the style of this one, my first "favorite" this week...

Teak Garden Bench

A Great Summer Read
I've been reading Sophie's blog, BooMama, for the last
three years or so and just love her and her down to earth 
writing style so much. Her first book, A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet:
was released on June 4th and I pretty much devoured
it on my Kindle in one day. She made me cry, she made me
burst with laughter and she made me shout "Amen, sister!"
page after page after page. I can't recommend her book enough.

I love a good casual dress in the summer.
I bought two of these from Old Navy awhile back, in black
and green, and just love them to pieces. It is one of
the most comfortable dresses I have ever owned and
a flattering cut to boot...doesn't cling. But the best part
is, they are marked down to 18 dollars!

Warning Bell
We need this. Not because they are ferocious
beasts who will eat you alive but as a warning
to cover your ears before you ring that bell because
LOUD does not begin to describe the level of
barking that ensues when it goes off.

Love this.

Sailor Stripe Backpack
I ran across this the other day and just
thought it was the cutest little thing for summer.

Just Because...
Dogs driving cars always crack 
me up. It's just who I am.

Mouth-watering watermelon bars.
The first good watermelon I get my hands on this year,
I am so making these.

I had been looking for a cute pair of gold sandals and
found these at Target for 15 dollars. And they're
comfortable too!

A Fun Song
I don't find myself listening to Country as
much as I once did but when Blake Shelton
performed this on The Voice a couple of weeks ago,
I started thinking maybe I should turn it over to the Country
station every once in awhile.

And that's it for this week. I'll try not to stay away so long this time.

Happy Weekend,

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  1. I am pretty much all country music. Here at work it is on the oldies, Thats fine as I can ruin those songs as bad as I can the country.

    Gotta say, I do love that bench. I am assuming that aint your backyard. Not that you dont have a nice back yard and all but with the spanish moss going on there I assumed.

    1. Yeah, definitely not our yard. We haven't bought one yet. I just really like the style of that one.

  2. That bench does look very nice. I'm afraid I haven't done anything special for our anniversary for several years. 25 is coming up and I'm going to be on a plane for most of the day not seeing my hubby until 11:15pm.

  3. Hi this is my first visit here, and your post is entertaining (soda cans stabbed!) and interesting (teak bench, pretty dress, and release the hounds door bell).

  4. Gonna have to look into that book... and that dress... and well, you'll just have to save me some of those bars, because I'll likely never get around to making them myself. :0)

  5. Love the teak bench! And, the clothes, shoes, and accessories!

    I'm gonna find that book because the small family of 5 is headed to the mountains for some r&r:)

    The Blake Shelton song stays on my mind! I don't like country music! But, I will say the voice has made it tolerable. It all started last year with Cassidy Pope.

  6. I have to get my hands on that book and that dress... Target doesn't have the ones I've been collecting for the last few years!

  7. Not pop!!! That's so sticky!!!
    I love that bench. I really want to put one under my tree in the back yard but it oozes sap or "zap" as my son calls it.