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Monday, April 16, 2012

I need a vacation in order to recover from my vacation

What is it that makes me think an eight hour road trip followed by tight quarters in a hotel room for four nights is going to be a good idea with the likes of those two strong-willed boys of mine? You'd think we would have learned our lesson last year over Spring Break but nope, we did it again.  Only this year the fighting was worse.

How many hours until we're there?!  

Tell him to give me my ipod back!


How many hours until we're there?!

I'm hungry!

I've got to pee!


Can we stop at the fireworks store?  Mom-Mom-Mom? Can we stop at the fireworks store?  Please, pu-leeez!..I have 10 dollars left! 

How much longer?

Can I have some quarters for the game room?  

I'm going to get a drink.  Can I have some more quarters?  How 'bout a dollar?  A five?  I can cash that in at the change machine.  

Will you take us swimming in the indoor pool?  

Get off me!  



He just BROKE his pencil off on my skin!!!  I'm gonna KILL him!!!!

Will you take us swimming again?  Please?!  After while?  Please!  I swear we won't fight anymore.  We won't.  We promise to be good!

How much longer until we're home?  

I'm starving to death!  

I'm about to pee in my pants!  

And trust me, that's the short, watered down version.  We spent two nights in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania followed by two nights in Hershey and then decided to stop off in the old historic town of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia on our way home Friday which put us getting home close to midnight Friday night and let me tell you, I was pretty much past my wit's end because they had grated my very last nerve down until I had zero patience left and their little tails went straight to bed without passing GO or collecting a flippin' dime of their two hundred dollars.  

We then had to get up Saturday morning because they each had a baseball game at the same time, on neighboring fields.  I managed to catch most of both games by standing on the hill in between the fields and craning my neck like an ostrich. 

And as a reward for being such a good baseball mom, they broke out into a massive fight in the car on the way home because Dracen was playing catch in the backseat with a small souvenir block puzzle he got in Amish Country when he accidentally busted Devin's lip, drawing blood, which prompted him to kindly pay him back when we got home by kicking him in the hand while still wearing his baseball cleats.

But the good news is, everyone is still in one piece and without (as far as I can tell) any permanent injuries or emotional scars.  And this morning?  The house is quiet because they are back at school, only after a good fight over the bathroom sink before they left, of course.

I did manage to get a few good pictures, aside from the fighting and the fact that is was extremely windy and only in the 50s most of the time we were there.  I will share more later, after I've had time to properly reassemble my nervous system, but I think this one (taken on one of the battlefields during our tour) is a pretty accurate depiction of the trip...

You have Dracen climbed up on the cannon, while appearing to stare off into the wild blue yonder but is really, no doubt, concocting his next big action plan while Devin stands off in the back clearly peeved that he is being forced into the harsh act of posing for a photo and then you have me pretending not to be freezing my arse off and longing to get back on the tour bus asap.  This was day one so I've still got a few nerves left yet.  

More Later,

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  1. lol...that sounds like my kids when we went to W Va a couple of weeks ago. Im with you...we need a vacation from our vacation!

  2. Whew! I got tired just reading that!

  3. Ha, yup, that's how my kids are when we go places.

  4. Mine never acted like that on the road but they are older now and confess to doing horrible things to each other behind my back when they were young.

    Glad you made it home safe.

  5. Hmm. Now I'm seriously rethinking a road trip with the boys.

    And wondering why I ever thought it was a good idea to begin with, I can't even take them to the grocery store.

    So glad there's only minimal damage. :)

  6. This makes me so happy I had an only child.

  7. Laughing here in NJ about your road trip. Can't wait to hear more. I have been to Hershey once for a quick trip. It was right after Christmas.

  8. Bless your heart! I was gonna say I'm glad I don't have TWO boys but then I remembered that my son & daughter act that way too, so I guess it isn't a boy thing!

  9. the end of our Spring Break I was ready for a convent (a silent one)!

    I did find that getting a hotel room with a suite was better on my nerves and in the long one of everyone else. I could sit up and watch TV or read while the kids went to bed a little earlier.

  10. You have just described our family vacations for the past 15 years or so. I love how you tell it like it is, Diane! Glad you survived to tell the tale!

  11. Ah, the joys of car travel with children. Don't you know you are supposed to travel SOUTH for Spring Break so it's warm :-)

  12. We are planning a trip in November. I was thinking it would be best to drive the 8 hours but now I'm reconsidering.

    Well done on surviving!

  13. I could have written this post! We drove 5 hours to DC with our two boys last week. All they wanted to do was go swimming in the hotel pool, or fight. I didn't pack the right clothes and I froze on the open-top tour bus! We also had to leave early Saturday to get home for their baseball games. But they're back in school now. Phew!

  14. Is it wrong that I am drinking right now?
    I'm not...but I kind of want to after that. LOL.
    Every year we go camping up north which is like 8 hours away. We've taken the Chunky Monkey and he's been surprisingly good. I better go find some wood to smack because I might eat my words come this August.