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Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Boy in July...

Yesterday I told the birth story of my firstborn in which I proclaimed at one point during a very long labor that I would not EVER be having any more children. 

Well, turns out I lied because exactly four years later I found myself expecting son number two who I swore was going to be a daughter right up until that ultrasound that told me otherwise.  Once it sank in that I was going to be a mom of two boys and not a mom of a boy and a girl like I always thought, we began the process of trying to think of and agree on another boy name.  

Devin was always agreed upon.  Somehow I knew he was going to be a boy, we had both always loved that name and well, Lee, his daddy's and popaw's middle name, just seemed to be the perfect one for him as well.  

And since both our names began with D and then we had Devin, it seemed that only a D name would do for baby number 2.  And somehow it had never occurred to me to come up with another boy name.  Devin was my boy name and Darcy, my girl name.  

But as He so often does, God had other plans about what was best for our family...

So what do we name him?  I poured through the D section of that great big book of baby names but nothing seemed right to both of us.  

Then I saw it...Drason...Draysen....Drayson.  Yes, I liked it and to my surprise, Darin liked it too.  

But although it sounded right, those spellings in the book just didn't look right to me.  Eli was going to be his middle name, after his great-great grandfather, Robert Eli.  And after writing down various spellings of his full name, I settled on Dracen.....Dracen Eli.  Yes, that was it!  

Then came the decision of whether or not to have another c-section or try for a natural birth.  And although the pain after a c-section is no walk in the park, I didn't want to go through another labor like that first one, and now with an added risk, so c-section it would be.  

His due date was July 24th and when it came time to schedule the surgery my doctor looked at the calendar and said one week before (which is when they normally schedule a c-section) would be July 17th.  "How does that date sound for you?"  

"Umm...I don't know.  That will be Devin's 4th birthday and I'd really hate to check into the hospital on my little man's birthday.  Can we maybe do it on the 18th?"  

And so it was scheduled... He would come into the world on July 18th.   

I don't think I slept a wink the night before.  My nerves were off the charts. We showed up in the hospital parking lot bright and early on the 18th and paused as Darin said a prayer that all would go well.  

And it did.  At 11:27 a.m. they held up that little 6 pound 10.5 ounce  feisty, screaming baby boy and I think I blurted out, "He's so small!" And then, "He looks just like YOUR baby picture!" to Darin.  

And then just like the first time, they brought that little bundle over to meet his mama and I fell in love all over again...

Happy 8th Birthday, Dracen Eli!

Every child begins the world again.... ~Henry David Thoreau

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.  ~Marc Brown


  1. How do they grow up so fast. What a precious little fella he is. That instant love is always such a surprise. An emotion like no other!

    Have a great week, Miss Diane!

  2. I love stories about birth names. our son's name was chosen a week before he was born. We were watching the All-Star game for baseball and a player with the name of Chase Uttley was up to bat and my husband said "I really like that name" then wha la...we had a vote in the delivery room between the nurses and doctor and they all voted on Chase.

  3. That was so much fun to read about all the before's! Happy Birthday to your sweet Dracen! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Dracen!
    I loved being 8.

    So, glad you decided have another baby. Sometimes, I bet you wonder what in the world you were thinking. I certainly do! I bet our parents did, too:)

  5. Oh I love birth stories! I have to go read the first one! This one is much more low key than either of mine, which were wrought with comedy...both times!

  6. I love name stories.

    A friend of mine was named Chance. His parents took a "chance" 40 years ago on infertility treatments.

    And so "Chance" was born. :)

  7. Happy Birthday to Dracen!

    Great post :)

  8. Aww Happy Birthday! Your story is similiar to mine.
    My littlest was c-section the day after my daughter's BDay. She is April 3rd and he is April 4th. We didnt want to do it on her birthday either.
    Worked out just fine:)

    Love the pics too, by the way.
    Nice to meet you-

  9. Love your son's name! And no fair, even after a c-section, there you were looking glowing and beautiful!

  10. Your quotes are perfect with those pictures. And that last photo is priceless!

    A couple of things that we have in common: I also KNEW that I was having a girl and would be playing with Barbies and having tea parties. Of course, back then we didn't have such advanced ultrasounds, so I didn't know until my son was born that I'd be playing with Matchbox cars and GI Joes.
    And I also had a c-section, so I can relate.
    Hope both your guys had Happy Birthdays!