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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last day of summer...

Well, this is it.  Our last day of summer. 

The boys aren't even up yet but I'm thinking if I don't wake them within the next 15 minutes, we will most definitely have a problem because they will not be able to fall asleep tonight which means they won't be able wake up in the morning. 

We met the teachers last night and got the bus number.  Yes, bus number!  They are going to try riding the bus home this year though I will still take them in the mornings.  7:15a.m. is waaay too early for bus catching.

Dev had told me that he was okay with riding the bus home this year (he will be in 6th grade and has never ridden the bus) but as I'm filling out a form in the Dracenator's classroom last night, he told Dray's teacher that he was going to be a car rider.  She was over there saying, "how's that gonna work?"   

Should I be feeling guilty now that I told him he's gonna ride the bus home?  The Dracenator is all excited about it but the thing is, they will get home a good 30 minutes later than if I pick them up.  I think we'll just have to see how this thing goes.  

I always had to ride the bus and I hated, hated, hated it!  This was because I had that whole shyness issue going on though. Charlie said he loved riding the bus because he had a captive audience in which to entertain.  See, this is a little what I'm afraid of with the Dracenator. That boy loves an audience, especially when it's made up of older kids. I'm afraid he would not hesitate to attempt a backflip over a bus seat if one of Dev's friends dared him to.

This is the last year those two will ever be in the same school together.  Next year Dev will be in middle school.  {Oh dear Lord, is that really true?  Aren't those like two of the most dreaded words in the English language?}  By the time the Dracenator gets there, Dev will be off to high school.  

Okay, okay, I've got to stop all this talk now or I'm gonna have a breakdown.  My "baby" was actually sitting on my lap last night as I tried to explain the happenings that were taking place on Back to the Future, which he had never seen.  ~does he make it back? does that old man die?  ~what was it like in the 50s? did you have a t.v.?  {Hello!  I'm nowhere near THAT old!}  What happens?!!  Why are they disappearing off the picture?  It was a little annoying but cute too and I couldn't help but giggle over some of his questions.  

I think I teared up once.  For one thing, he rarely sits on my lap anymore and my mind wandered down memory lane back to when he was a baby and then when Dev was a baby and then I started thinking how they will be young men towering over me before I can blink twice.

Then I started thinking how adopting a baby  (cause I can't have anymore naturally) would not be such a bad idea.  Don't worry, C, this always passes when the demolition duo starts back up throwing punches at each other or begging me for four wheelers and dirt bikes.

The Dracenator told me last night when we were watching America's Funniest Videos where one Y chromosome after another crashed his dirt bike into fences, poles and brick walls, "I wouldn't do stupid stuff like that on my dirt bike!"  Of course you wouldn't, baby, cause you are never going to have one. 

Hopefully, one day they will look back and realize that Mama wasn't being mean.  She was just trying to keep her boys safe and see them into manhood.  Not today though.  Today is the last day of summer for two little boys and I think I'll go take them to lunch and a movie.  :)


  1. Hope you have a great last day! Loved this post and your reflections :)

  2. Tomorrow will be bittersweet:)

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