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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wiener Wednesday...I Heart Dachshunds

Over the past couple of weeks my I Heart Dachshunds board on Pinterest has experienced a very large influx of new followers, making it my most popular board by a long shot. I had no idea just how many people shared my obsessive love for them but the wiener dog fan club is apparently much larger than I knew. I'm not really surprised though. They do have a way of wrapping you  up quickly and tightly around those little paws of theirs...

One of my most recent pins that (in the words of another doxie lover) "perfectly encapsulates what it's like to have a doxie", or two...

My two don't sit on their haunches watching t.v.
 but how hysterical is this?

Family Tree?

This just makes my heart smile because I have
real photos similar to this...

This is why I hate going away without them.
They don't forget.

I think I need this. Maybe I'd ride my bike more.
Okay, the "more" was
really not necessary.... Maybe I'd ride my bike.

This reminds me of Brisco since he does
this every time I go into
 the bathroom to get ready.
Even has his freckles.

And this looks so much like Charlene,
she could have posed for it.

The Darlings

Happy Wednesday,
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  1. The boy picture just melts my heart.
    My dog desperately tries to sneak his way into my son's bed but my son kicks him out. Poor baby.

  2. oh those are precious!! I have a few pins of my lovely great dane but I a board of her would be very nice..

  3. I love the side saddle baskets. But something tells me your "kids" would want to ride up front. :)

  4. I'm not a dog lover, but these do make me smile! :-)